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Spun filtere

AQUAMARKAS (10″ Inch,Spun Filter (Pp Spun) Cartridge Compatible For 10 Inch Pre-Filter Housing Of Water Purifier Pack Of-4)

  • RO 10 Inch, 5 Micron PP Spun Filter Cartridge/Candle used in RO Water Filter-Pre/Outer Filter Bowl.
  • Can be used in any pre filter that supports 10 inch pre filter
  • Removes Sand, Slit, Dirt & Rust particles
  • Replacement of Spun Filter every 3 to 4 month can save bigger expenses. – Regular replacement of Spun Filter protects RO Membrane and choking of other filters
  • RO filter is normally used in first stage of multi stage water filter system. Replacement of Spun/sediment Filter every month can save bigger expenses. Frequently replacing of Spun/Sediment Filter protects RO Membrane and choking of other water filters. Impurities and sediment removal water filters. These are pre filters commonly used to remove dirt, impurities, sediment, rust, slime, sand, grass and grit etc


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